Sunflower Hearts

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A BEST SELLER! Sunflower hearts are a fantastic high energy/high oil super-food for just about every species of garden bird!

Without a doubt our most popular bird food and for good reason! Garden birds can't get enough of these sunflower hearts, and the great thing about them is they will also be taken by softbill birds such as robins, blackbirds and thrushes etc. Hearts are also like magnets to goldfinches and other species of finches, but they're loved by the tit family, too. There is very little mess due to the removal of the outer husks and they're perfect when fed from a tube feeder, bird table or the ground. Our top-rated bird food and hugely popular with our Nantwich residents for feeding the widest range of garden birds.

Customer Reviews

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Nothing Too Much Trouble

Ordered on line and delivered at home as arranged.

As I am unable to leave the house for a little while
they said not a problem and just ring/email them and
they will sort. Excellent customer service and quality

Sunflower Hearts

Absolutely great - you just have to ask our feathered visitors. All the normal ones plus the odd collared dove, starling and magpie - somehow they manage to hold onto the hanging feeders. I just wish I could find a way to stop our goldfinches and greenfinches fighting for positions on the feeder perches! We get ours in 15kg sacks, great value and excellent delivery.

Unbeatable service

Great quality, friendly service and rapid free delivery to home as usual. What more could you ask?

Sunflower Hearts

Very popular and good high energy feeding for the cold weather and for nesting parent birds!

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