Nest Boxes

Garden Bird Nesting Boxes & Accessories

Our nest boxes are easy to put up and encourage garden birds into your location by offering them a secure and safe haven in which to rear their offspring during the breeding season. Internal access to the nest boxes is important so they can be easily cleaned once the birds have vacated the nest box (Bird Protection Laws permits the cleaning out of nests between 1st Sept and 31st Jan). Inspect the box to ensure it is still intact and secure, then clean the inside by pouring boiling water throughout the interior to kill off any infestation or lurking parasites. Leave to dry thoroughly and, if necessary, treat the exterior (only) with a water-based, animal-friendly, wood preserver.
Holed nest boxes should be sited between north and east away from direct sunlight and adverse weather conditions; a tree trunk is a perfect place to sight your box as it offers plenty of shade and weather protection. Leave a clear flight path to and from the entrance hole and hang between 1m to 3m from the ground. Sparrows are social birds and require 3 or more nest boxes placed high-up around a tree-trunk or under the roofing eaves. Please consider a nest box protection plate for the hole to discourage predation by marauding squirrels.
Open nest boxes for robins and blackbirds require foliage (ivy is perfect) to partly obscure the box from predators, such as larger birds and cats. Locate open nest boxes approximately 1.5m to 3m high.