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Suet in a beak-sized package!

A fantastic winter energy-boosting meal which can be carried away and consumed in safety for all smaller garden birds. 

Convenience in a beak sized pellet and a true winter warmer. High-quality beef tallow, sugars and added other ingredients such as berries or crushed dried insects mean that birds love them, and they literally fly out of the garden! (pun intended). Calcium is added to aid healthy bones and feathers - so critical for birds.
They can be mixed to your favourite birdseed as an added treat, or offered on their own either on a bird table or directly on the ground where songbirds will snap them up readily. Suet pellets can be fed from a seed feeder if added to a seed mix in small quantities, otherwise, they will become stuck if placed in a feeder on their own. Blue tits will come back and to as they grab a pellet, fly off and then consume it in the safety of a nearby tree or bush.
Suet pellets are much loved by a wide range of birds and are a welcome addition to any garden. They are clean and easy to handle.
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Customer Reviews

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fruit pellets

I throw the pellets on the ground under the hanging sunflower seed feeders, the finches make such a mess but the blackbirds and pigeons assisted by collared doves soon clear it up. I spotted a dunnock and robin helping themselves to a tasty snack and the occasional blue tit.
Thank you for delivering, great service, good price and always a smile.

Great to add to a seed mix

We get a wide variety of ground feeding birds, from small robins and chaffinches up to crows - well, we do back onto a country park and then fields! I am currently using Gala's Robin Delight mix in our ground feed trays, and have started adding some mixed suet pellets. Since none are ever left they clearly have our birds' seal of approval.

Hungry birds

The starlings are usually first to get to the suet pellets I put some in the hanging feeders and they just vacuum them up with a lot of noise and wing flapping. I throw some out for the ground feeders and the blackbirds love them and the pigeons will always clear up. Thanks for delivering it means I can get better value for money and excellent service.

Universally loved suet pellets

These are a great nutritious supplement to seed mixes, and have the added benefit of not needing a suet ball feeder. All birds of every shape and size love them. Robins come regularly to the garage door, waiting for a few pellets to be thrown their way. Last year one of the robins would eat them out of my hand! I also add them to wildfowl food - not that I keep wildfowl, but from April to July or so, I'll get five or six ducks a day from Nantwich Lake fly over a few gardens to mine because they know there's food about. They'll take the pellets first before starting on the wildfowl food.

No mess treat

I use these as they make less mess than seed and the birds love them

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