Suet Balls with Mealworms

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A premium suet ball with added mealworm and peanut flour and 30% fat content. These soft, non-greasy fat balls are a firm favourite for many garden birds!

Our suet balls are of the very highest quality, with 30% fat content they are at least double and sometimes even triple the fat content of regular cheap fat balls. With added peanut and mealworm flour, they are irresistible to most garden birds including the tit family, sparrows, robins, blackbirds, woodpeckers, and much more. With only 7 ingredients (beef fat, wheat flour, peanut granules, millet seed, linseed, rapeseed, and dried mealworms) and no filler ingredients, you can be reassured you're feeding your birds the very best.

During the summer months, these suet balls can get soft but they are a lot better at retaining their shape and structure than our Premium Fat Balls which are of a similar quality to these suet balls. If you find yourself struggling with melting fat balls in the hot summer weather, these suet balls are a good alternative.

Suet balls are best fed in a dedicated fat ball feeder, but they are equally enjoyed by garden birds when placed on a bird table, preferably crushed into smaller bite-sized pieces.

Please note that we never sell our suet balls in nets as they can be potentially dangerous to wildlife. 

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Customer Reviews

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Hazel Stockdale

The suet mealworm balls are the favourite of all my garden birds and unfortunately the squirrels too. When offered these together with another fatball type, so the birds can have variety, these are always taken first.

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