Ring Pull PRO Easy Clean Seed Feeder

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An easy clean metal seed feeder that combines excellent quality with functionality, for a superb bird feeder that carries a LIFETIME GUARANTEE for added peace of mind. 2 FREE RING PERCHES INCLUDED!

No tools required for this easy clean seed feeder by Jacobi Jayne. The Ring Pull feeder is an ingenious solution to the age-old fiddly problem of dismantling your feeder.

A good cleaning routine is made even more simple with this fantastically easy to clean bird feeder by Jacobi Jayne. Simply twist the base of the feeder off, pull out the ring-pin inside the tube - everything comes apart in seconds with no tools required! It couldn't be any easier to dismantle your feeder for that deep clean. For a quick clean just twist the base off and allow remaining seeds and husks to escape. Now you can be confident that your feeder is kept in tiptop condition and hygienic for all your visiting feathered friends.

  • No tools required, easy clean, bird feeder
  • Super-tough metal component parts and a LIFETIME GUARANTEE
  • UV stabilised tube won't discolour or crack with sunlight exposure
  • Stainless steel hanger
  • Threaded pole mount facility
  • Quick clean - twist the base and let remaining seeds and husks to fall out
  • Deep clean - pull the pin and the feeder comes apart easily
  • Attractive and compliments any garden environment
  • Standard: 180mm tube length, 2 ports.
  • Large: 360mm tube length, 4 ports.
  • Giant: 540mm tube length, 6 ports.


*Feeder filled with seed for illustration purposes only. Seed not included.

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