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Our Premium Bird Seed no wheat with added suet pellets and calci worms appeals to a wide range of garden birds. Ideal for a tube feeder, bird table, or ground feeding.

Premium Bird Seed Mix includes the hugely popular suet pellets and calci worms to create a truly diverse mix for all species of garden birds; it's suitable for a seed feeder, bird table, or directly from the ground. This Premium Seed Mix really does attract a huge range of birds into your garden, and it's perfect for all year round feeding due to the added extras to support winter and summer feeding periods. It's a clean 'wheat-free' attractive mix that looks great in a tube feeder and is very popular with our customers and feathered friends!

Please note that if our Berry Suet Pellets are out of stock then Insect Suet Pellets will be mixed in as their replacement. 

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Customer Reviews

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Jeremy Herbert
Good bird snap

They love it. Good value top quality seed with dried meal worms. The birds, they mad for it!

Wendy Humphreys
Premium Bird seed

Excellent seed mix. Attracts many species of birds to our bird station. No waste. Very happy with product and the service.


The Premium Mix is a real winner for all the birds that visit. No waste. Free delivery is a huge bonus.

Anne Tomlinson
Premium bird seed mix

The birds love it!! Super service every time! Thank you.

Jan Mckeown
More varieties of birds at feeder

Birds love this mix. I am now getting regular pair of Bullfinches (make and female), along with green finches, chaffinches and the odd goldfinch along with the various varieties of tits, sparrows and robins. Just wish could keep the squirrels away 😂😂

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