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Our Premium Bird Seed no wheat with added suet pellets and mealworms appeals to a wide range of garden birds. Ideal for a tube feeder, bird table or ground feeding.

Premium Bird Seed Mix includes the hugely popular suet pellets (2kg!) and mealworms to create a truly diverse mix for all species of garden birds; it's suitable for a seed feeder, bird table or directly from the ground. This Premium Seed Mix really does attract a huge range of birds into your garden, and it's perfect for all year round feeding due to the added extras to support winter and summer feeding periods. It's a clean 'wheat-free' attractive mix that looks great in a tube feeder and is very popular with our customers and feathered friends!

Please note that if our Berry Suet Pellets are out of stock then Insect Suet Pellets will be mixed in as their replacement. 

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750g £1.60 £2.13
1.5kg £2.60 £1.73
3kg £4.70 £1.57
6kg £8.80 £1.47
10kg £12.50 £1.25
15kg £17.20 £1.15
30kg £33.50 £1.12

Customer Reviews

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Jan Mckeown
More varieties of birds at feeder

Birds love this mix. I am now getting regular pair of Bullfinches (make and female), along with green finches, chaffinches and the odd goldfinch along with the various varieties of tits, sparrows and robins. Just wish could keep the squirrels away 😂😂

Pauline Ames
Great local Service

A fantastic local company supplying a wide range of seeds etc. The Premium seed is well balanced including suet and mealworms and reasonably priced. The garden is always full of birds. The service is excellent with free local delivery if you spend £20 The website is easy to navigate and well laid out too. 10 out of 10 Gala.

Premium product, Premium service - Premium is a perfect description. Happy customer, happier birds.

Having given my visiting birds several different seeds over the last few years I am now converted. It's worth spending slightly more for this 'Premium Bird Seed Mix' - the birds love it and are now waiting each morning for me to feed them (whilst also telling their family and friends via Twitter by the volume of their Tweets!)
My last order of the 15kg bag was delivered speedily, freely and without any fuss - I'd highly recommend Gala Wildlife for their knowledge, product and service. Thank you Phil and Jason.

Gillian Evans
Happy Birds

This premium food disappears so quickly! all my feathered friends love it

Roger Phenton
Premium not just by name

The Premium mix is a well balanced feed that the birds absolutely love; maybe a little too much judging by the amount of birds it attracts and how fast it disappears! All in all an excellent feed delivered to my door by a local family business - thank-you Phil & Jason.

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