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High-quality peanuts packed with essential oils and proteins to benefit your garden birds. Aflatoxin free peanuts, so safe for your feathered friends.

Peanuts are hugely popular with our Nantwich customers and are a favourite means of feeding wild birds and provide a great source of essential oils. Always feed good quality peanuts that haven't become dry and shrivelled - and are aflatoxin free! (aflatoxin is a fungi growth found on peanuts and is poisonous to animals). Feed from a dedicated peanut feeder and attract everything from blue tits to woodpeckers into your garden.
NOTE; please do not feed full peanuts loose during the breeding season as they can chock young birds.

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750g £2.60 £3.47
1.5kg £4.70 £3.13
3kg £7.80 £2.60
6kg £14.60 £2.43
10kg £21.00 £2.10
15kg £29.00 £1.93
30kg £56.00 £1.87

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Excellent value

Excellent value and the birds love them - refilling almost every day!

Wendy Humphreys
Premium peanuts

Birds love them, very quickly eaten, especially by the nuthatch………and the squirrels!

Wendy Evans
Not in feeder long

Not sure who eats them birds or squirrel 🐿️ but don't stay in feeder long

Pauline Ames
Another excellent Gala experience

The peanuts Ordered from Gala were clean and no mouldy bits as with some peanuts purchased elsewhere with the worry of aflatoxin. The birds love them as with the seeds and choice of soya. The delivery service is also excellent.

Sophie D
Birds love them!

The nuts are so popular with the blue tits, great tits woodpeckers and nuthatches, great quality and a great price too!

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