Premium Fat Balls

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Super high-quality fat balls that use only the very best tallow and ingredients to maximise full health benefits. Your garden birds will notice the difference - and so will you!

You can immediately feel the difference with our Premium Fat Balls - super soft, high quality, beef tallow with added mixed seeds create a superior product that your garden birds will absolutely love. They're greasy to handle because they have a high tallow content, and that's what sets them apart from other substandard fat balls which can be purchased elsewhere - but birds just won't eat them!

We've tested them and they make a huge difference. Packed with essential vitamin, minerals and calcium for health benefits during periods of stress such as cold winter nights - they are a welcome added bonus for your visiting feathered friends through the year.
Fat balls are best fed from a dedicated fat ball feeder, but they can also be crushed and placed on a bird table or directly on the ground.
Please note that we never sell our fat balls in nets as they can be potentially dangerous to wildlife.