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Super high-quality fat balls that use only the very best tallow and ingredients to maximise full health benefits. Your garden birds will notice the difference - and so will you!

You can immediately feel the difference with our Premium Fat Balls - super soft, high quality, beef tallow with added mixed seeds create a superior product that your garden birds will absolutely love. They're greasy to handle because they have a high tallow content, and that's what sets them apart from other substandard fat balls which can be purchased elsewhere - but birds just won't eat them!

We've tested them and they make a huge difference. Packed with essential vitamin, minerals and calcium for health benefits during periods of stress such as cold winter nights - they are a welcome added bonus for your visiting feathered friends through the year.
Fat balls are best fed from a dedicated fat ball feeder, but they can also be crushed and placed on a bird table or directly on the ground.
Please note that we never sell our fat balls in nets as they can be potentially dangerous to wildlife. 

Customer Reviews

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Starling Food

This has to be the favourite food of the starlings. The birds visiting my garden are fussy eaters and will only eat the premium fat balls. Easy to handle when filling the holder, can be crushed and put on the bird table. They love them.
So easy to order on line. Thanks for delivering, great price and delivery in 2 days with a smile.

Excellent Fat balls

Brilliant fat balls, all small birds love them. larger birds hang around pick scraps off floor


Excellent service. Excellent fat balls - the birds love them!

Top quality fat balls

In my view the best fat balls available locally. All the tit family swarm around them - greats, blues, coals and the delightful longtails. Even the unwieldy jackdaws will have a go at them, while the ground-feeders such as sparrows and dunnocks hover round the bottom waiting for crumbs of fat to fall. Impeccable delivery service, as always.

Great fatballs - just ask the birds!

I have bought various fatballs over the years but these really are the best. How do I know? Well, I just have to keep refilling the holder more often. Beyond this, the sight of two juvenile Greater Spotted Woodpeckers the other morning fighting over a position on the feeder has to say something about the birds' appreciation!

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