Niger Seeds (Nyjer)

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Goldfinches and siskins love these tiny thistle seeds. Requires a dedicated niger seed feeder.

Niger seeds come from the teasel flower heads. So beloved of goldfinches, siskins and in some locations, blue tits. You will need a dedicated niger feeder as the seeds are tiny, so will blow out of a conventional feeder. We have heard of 50+ goldfinches in one garden feeding off of these tiny seeds! Incredible. An alternative to niger seed is sunflower hearts for attracting goldfinches. Beautiful birds and in large numbers in-and-around the Nantwich area - we love them.
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Customer Reviews

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Kate Farmer
New food for our garden

Hoping to attract the goldfinches with this food - no sign yet but ever hopeful

Sandra Brenchley Green

We recently bought these seeds and the relevant feeder. Sure enough goldfinches turned up a few days later. Amazing, how did they know?

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