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Freeze-dried mealworms are loved by garden birds and provide a high energy, protein-packed, food source. Clean and easy to handle.

Dried mealworms are convenient, clean and loved by our garden birds and other species such as chickens and koi carp.
Great offered dry or soak in warm water for 20 minutes (especially during the breeding season); it rehydrates them and helps stops them from blowing off the bird table.

Add to your favourite seed mix for greater variety.

A true protein package that can be fed from the ground, bird table, or mixed in your favourite bird seed as a special treat. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Kate Farmer
Starlings favourite

I can't believe how fast the mealworms disappear from the feeders in our garden. It's amazing to see the acrobatics performed by groups of starlings who descend as soon as I've filled up the feeder! Very popular indeed!

Pauline Ames

Lovely clean mealworms which the birds love especially after being soaked in water as it makes them plump. Good for feeding their young. They are appreciated by a number of birds.

The early birds get the mealworms!

Mealworms are definitely the product that see the birds flocking to eat them as soon as they are put out of a morning...especially with the extra tip from Gala Wildlife to soak them in water for a while (overnight usually) before putting them out - which not only stops them from blowing away but also plumps them up.

A great product again and a squidgy but firm favourite; Highly recommended.

Speedy delivery as always - great products from a great company, wouldn't go anywhere else.

Kate Farmer
Absolute favourite

Our birds have voted the mealworms as their number 1 favourite. They certainly disappear extremely quickly!

Christine Ball
Meal worms

The meal worms are a firm favourite with our garden birds. I will definitely try soaking them in water as well.
Great service and a speedy delivery as always. We never buy our buy food from anyone else.

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