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The ever-popular premium coconut halves come complete with their own hanger and are simple, convenient and easy to use. Tit species to woodpeckers love them!

These convenient hanging coconut suet feeders with added mealworm flour are a sure attractor for your garden birds. Coconut halves remain very popular mainly because they're just so convenient to use thanks to their string hangers. Suet and fat foods are a firm favourite of garden birds during winter conditions when they require an easily accessible, high energy, food source.

A great addition to any garden together with your favourite birdseed mix or straight foods - your birds will love it and return time and again!

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Customer Reviews

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Hazel Stockdale

The blue tits love these, as do the ground feeding birds when they get the chance of them. Unfortunately the squirrels like them too and one squirrel repeatedly bites through the twine hangers and runs off with the coconut shells. If the twine were to be replaced with wire they might be more squirrel proof.

Paul Cartwright

These are very popular with all the tit species at this time of year. They're full and firmly packed, unlike some I've had which have started shedding their contents onto the ground after just a few pecks. It's a battle of wits with the squirrels, though, because they'd have them down and make off with them, given half a chance.

Gillian Evans
Happy Birds

The Blue, Great & long tail tits love the coconuts
Unfortunately so do the starlings & can devour one in a day
so I have to keep them hidden in the bushes!!

Christine davidson

Loved by all species of tits in particular the long tailed.The coconuts were preferred to others we have bought in the past. Thank you for delivery.


After trying other coconut halves, we've found one that our garden birds can't resist.

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