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A tough, durable all-metal seed feeder with a stainless steel hanger and threaded base for pole mounting. Offer excellent protection against squirrel damage.

Metal feeders are tough, long-lasting and give excellent resistance to squirrel damage. The feeder tube is UV-stabilised polycarbonate which will not deteriorate when exposed to sunlight and the robust perching rings allow birds to feed in a more natural position, which offers a better peripheral vision for protection against predators. They're easy to fill up and dismantle for cleaning duties. The feeder also has a screw thread in the base making it compatible with feeder base trays and pole mounting etc. Overall, these feeders are super value for such a quality product - we love them!

  • All metal construction for durability and longevity.
  • Excellent protection from squirrel damage.
  • Perch ring offers a better peripheral vision for your birds meaning they'll be more confident and stay longer to feed.
  • UV-stabilised polycarbonate feeder tube doe not deteriorate in sunlight.
  • Easy to fill and fully dismantles for cleaning.
  • Threaded base plate for accessories compatibility.
  • Deep dark green colour to blend in with any garden environment.
  • Super value.
  • Standard (2 ports) - Capacity 270g, Diameter 6cm, Height 32cm.
  • Large (4 ports) - Capacity 550g, Diameter 6cm, Height 46.5cm.


*Feeder filled with seed for illustration purposes only. Seed not included.

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Fantastic feeder
Excellent product
Superb feeders for Sunflower Hearts

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