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High-oil black sunflower seeds which are popular with blue tits, great tits, greenfinches and chaffinches to name but a few.

Black sunflower seeds are excellent for use in bird feeders as they are free-flowing and prevent clogging in the tube. Sunflower seeds are full of essential natural oils which wild birds love. As they retain their outer husks they are suitable for birds which are able to strip them in order to access the inner hearts. Sparrows, tits, finches etc will love them. A good no-hassle way to feed your garden birds.

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Customer Reviews

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Heather Gruszka
Sunflower Seeds

My birds love, love, love them
Delivered by the nicest guys, who give me lots of advice and help about my birds and wildlife
During these strange, tough times, the birds help relieve stress and anxiety

Dawn Kennedy

I'm fortunate enough to have a wide variety of birds in my garden and the feeders have been full of very contented and happy feathered friends.

Sam Carney
Decided to buy local and not disapointed

The product is spot on, the comms was excellent and given the current circumstances the delivery and timing was perfect!

Paul Russell

Usually buy at Market will be buying bulk in future, excellent uncomplicated service ?

Rodney Bunce
Very good service

Always delivers my bird seed quickly and safely. I always receive great service.

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