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The Squirrel Buster is a perfect solution for stopping troublesome squirrels and larger birds. Fully adjustable closure mechanism.

The Squirrel Buster is a higher capacity feeder with a very effective adjustable mechanism that allows full control over the sensitivity of the closure facility; thus, troublesome larger birds can now be exempt from eating all your bird food from this feeder. 100% effective in the battle against squirrels by using extensively tested technology. The Squirrel Buster range of bird feeders utilises a proven system that shuts out any marauding squirrels from feeding should they climb onboard. A full chew-proof outer mesh construction encloses the inner tube feeder entirely for complete peace of mind; they are much more readily accepted by your garden birds than a conventional caged type of feeder. Tough, reliable and easy to fill and clean. A truly excellent squirrel proof feeder that we highly recommend! Backed by a 2-year warranty.
  • Higher capacity feeder than the Squirrel Buster Mini.
  • Very easy and fully adjustable closure mechanism to also stops larger birds from feeding,
  • Easy to fill and clean.
  • Very tough and durable.
  • Ideal for seed blends and single-ingredient foods.
  • 100% effective against squirrels.
  • Overall feeder length: 280mm
  • Tube length 200mm (approx).
  • Weight 0.6kg.
  • Seed capacity 0.45kg.
  • 4 feeding ports ideal for perching and clinging garden birds. Feeding ports close when a squirrel climbs on-board!
  • 100% humane: does not harm squirrels.
  • Backed by a full 2-year warranty.
  • Comes complete in an attractive box and makes an excellent gift.


*Feeder filled with seed for illustration purposes only. Seed not included.

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