Bird Lovers Seed Feeder

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Jacobi Jayne Bird Lover seed feeders are a quality mid-priced product that gives many years of service and have a unique perch facility for your birds.

The Bird Lovers range of seed feeders constitute super value and quality; they're also are available in three size options for your convenience. Excellent quality plastics are utilised throughout their construct to offer durability, longevity and ease of maintenance. The 'D' perches allow a wider range of garden birds to comfortably dine at the feeder and also offers a better peripheral vision whilst doing so.
  • High-quality durable polymer bird seed feeder.
  • UV-stabilised polycarbonate feeder tube.
  • Stainless steel hanger hoop.
  • Unique 'D' perches.
  • Threaded pole mount facility.
  • Accepts 'A' tray.
  • 3 sizes available. 
  • Easily dismantled for cleaning.
  • Attractive and affordable.
  • Not suitable where squirrels are present.
  • Standard: 180mm tube length, 2 ports.
  • Large: 360mm tube length, 4 ports.
  • Giant: 540mm tube length, 6 ports.

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