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Kibbled peanuts are ideal for feeding during the breeding season and adding to a seed mix for that additional energy booster.

A great alternative to full peanuts and with the added advantage of being able to feed all year round from the ground or a bird table.
Strangely, feedback from our customers suggests that kibbled peanuts are consumed with even more vigour than normal peanuts, and are certainly worth trying if your visiting birds are reluctant to take whole peanuts. Try them and see which suits you (or more to the point your feathered friends).
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Pauline Ames
Kibbled peanuts

Ordered kibbled peanuts from Gala. Excellent clean and safe for young and small birds. Could not order online the last time but text an order and it arrived the next day excellent local company.

Kate Farmer
Favourite food

Super speedy delivery- I ordered in the morning and they arrived the same day! Can't beat that! Well done

These peanuts don't last long in our feeders!

Catherine Watson
Excellent service

Gala Wildlife efficient and prompt delivery
Bird food of a very good quality

David Freeman
Brilliant nuts

Birds luv them, starlings always first to attack feeder plenty for the smaller birds excellent product


The Kibbled Peanuts go as soon as I put them out. The starlings tend to get in first so once they've had their fill I put more out for the little birds that hold back from the frenzy.
It's great having all the bird food delivered, especially now. I'm so grateful for that.

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