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A tasty treat of dehulled seeds and mealworms so beloved by softbill birds such as robins, blackbirds and the beautiful thrush. 

Designed specifically for all ground-feeding birds. A special mix dedicated to the softbill birds such as robins, blackbirds and thrushes; designed to be fed directly on the floor or ground feeder tray where these birds generally prefer to feed. Included in the mix is a blend of sunflower hearts, kibbled peanuts, pinhead oatmeal, raisins and mealworms etc. The Robin Delight is a sure winner for ground-feeding birds but will attract a much wide range of species, too. Feed sparingly with just enough to see the day through.

Customer Reviews

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Robin food

Brilliant they love it AND no mess like other bird feed perfect 👌

Happy birds

Excellent service and a first class product. The robins are indeed delighted but the sparrows and dunnocks are also happily sharing,the blackbirds are bustling round and the pigeons are pinching whatever they can. The fat balls are proving big favourites as well, particularly with the tits and my visiting woodpecker. Thank you for making lockdown a bit more bearable.

Robins love it

Tried this for the first time . A treat for my red breasted friend. They love it

Bird seed

The birds love it robins blue tits sparrows.really good seed spoiling the birds but nice to see and help them.Great service from Gala Wild life would definitely recommend.

Seed order

All seed varieties are top quality, the birds in my garden love them - even have a couple of Goldfinch visiting. There is never any waste at the end of the day so no mess to clear up. Have ordered on-line during lockdown and delivery very quick, sometimes even the same day. Highly recommend this company. Thank you.

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