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Our new blog facility is the place to find out any important updates to our product lines, or to our services. Any changes to either will be posted here to keep you - our loyal customers - up-to-date and ahead of any changes that might take place. 

We have found that with the current situation with regards to the coronavirus outbreak, we have needed to be somewhat more flexible and adapt to our customers' requirements and our delivery areas. With the closure of Nantwich Market and the lose of footfall we benefit from there, we needed to focus upon our free local delivery service for our bird food and other wildlife-related products.

With so much change taking place in such a short space of time - we thought a blog would be the best way to notify of changes or general notifications to our services/products range. Some suppliers and manufacturers have had to amend or, temporarily, cease some of their products ranges - so we'll post any sort or longer-term products issues here, too.

We would also encourage you to 'like' our Facebook page also, as we post our most urgent changes on there. Please click the link below -

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  • Sean

    Great service and good quality bird food. Nice to have this locally.

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